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The Daily Life of a Model

Hi Anni. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. How is life for you? Are you modeling full-time or are you balancing it with school?

Everything's good! Summer was treating me well and I am always very excited about autumn which means new beginnings and projects. At the moment I'm trying to balance school and modeling and take the best of both. This year will be my last year in high school so after that I might go full-time.

When and how did you get discovered?

I got discovered about 2 years ago. I was already blogging back then and my photos of myself as a fashion blogger were often published in magazines and newspapers. Then one day my agent Margit Jõgger approached me and took me into modeling world.

What does a typical day look like for you at the moment?

I'm in Tokyo for what I call Model Boot Camp. Every day I go to the agency and all the girls are taken to castings in cars. The Tokyo streets are bit too complicated to go castings by ourselves so all the models have to spend the day in the car together. It can be fun but also very nerve-racking at times. Some days castings can go until 10pm so after that there's nothing to do but eat, shower and go to bed. Unless you're working, weekends are off and I use my every free moment to walk around, visit museums, parks and cafes. It would be so much easier to sit in my air-conditioned room than go outside but I can't miss the chance to explore this extraordinary hectic city.

What do your friends back home think about what you’re doing and how do their lives differ from yours?

My friends are all very supportive and excited about how am I doing. When I'm back in school I feel like every other student. The biggest difference is probably that I've already experienced being independent and getting by on my own as they're still living with their parents.

What’s been your proudest moment modeling so far?

I enjoy when I can mix modeling with my other interests and show more of myself. Because for example when you are shot for a magazine editorial, you are just a tool to present someone else’s vision and ideas.

One of the most exciting projects was blogging for Vogue Italia in collaboration with Italian brand Pinko. I took a lot of photos and showed people my life in Paris during fashion week.

I'm also very happy that besides modeling here in Tokyo, I can also show my ear cuff designs to editors and stylists. The Japanese are crazy about the ear cuffs and two of them already landed in ELLE Japan’s September issue.

Model’s live a mobile lifestyle. Hotels, flights and never being in the same city for too long. What would you say were the highs and lows of that kind of life?

Living in suitcase can get quite annoying but then you'll see you actually don't need many things

to get by. Traveling is exhausting but you rarely get bored or fall into routine.

How close is the stereotypical view of a model’s life to the real deal?

It's definitely not true that we get flown around in 1st class and earn billions of dollars for doing basically nothing. Usually people don't take modeling as a serious job, they don't see that it's physically and mentally very exhausting and difficult. There's a long way until earning some real money, before that young girls spend months away from home, often living in rather poor conditions and sharing bunk beds with other models, in order to get some jobs and hopefully have a big "breakthrough".The stories about crazy partying and unhealthy lifestyle can be true but it doesn't mean that every model is living this kind of life.

Away from modeling, how do you spend your time?

School takes most of the time but most of my free moments are filled with making jewelry, reading, taking photos, seeing exhibitions and having coffee with my friends.

If someone said you have to stop modeling right now, what job would you do?

I would like to collaborate in fashion shoots - do the art direction and maybe even styling.

What projects do you have coming up in the near future? You’re a real multi-tasker – can you tell us a little about your many projects?

I would like to evolve my jewelry line and I'm already in the process of getting more retailers all over the world. I hope to continue with my little fashion column in Postimees and start taking my blog more seriously.

Where do you hope to be in five years time?

I hope I'll be speaking perfect French and living in Paris! This is just a dream but yes, most likely I will be aboard to have more opportunities in modeling and whatever else I'll be doing. I haven't decided about my future career yet, but I'm sure it will be something I can link with fashion and modeling.

If you had to spend $50,000 in one day, what would you do?

I would go to Saint-Ouen flea market in Paris and buy all the amazing 1920's mirrors, lamps and furniture for my future apartment.

Short profile

Name: Anni Jürgenson

Place of Birth: Tartu

Age: 18

Occupation(s): student, model

Agency: MJ-models

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