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Design: Nature has moved Indoors

Plants, organic forms and natural materials have taken over the interiors of our homes. References to nature are everywhere. Cactus, palms and ferns in windows. A bear on a pillow and wooden furniture, wooden lamps and art depicting natural scenes. Natural textiles that do not smell like chemicals. Marble cutting boards. Nature has moved indoors. The world has been going through an economic crisis for several years and we seem to seek comfort in what we know has value and permanence. At the moment this is nature. We want sustainable solutions but do not want to give up on luxury and highend products. In interior design this means a combination of products made of natural materials with things made of more exclusive materials. Thus we see wonderful tables, mirrors and other products made of expensive metals often with their roots in the ArtDeco style which came from the Parisian upperclasses and followed also from natural inspiration. Tallinn Arts went to the Nordic Design Fair in Copenhagen to catch up on creators in the field of interior, sustainable solutions and natural elements.


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