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Sweet Spot festival: music, art, food in a beautiful setting

The inaugural Sweet Spot festival starts this coming weekend, the 27th and 28th of July, at the Creative Hub's Park next to the Linnahall and Kultuurikatel in Tallinn.

Sweet Spot has arranged an impressive lineup of music from Estonian and international performers. Headliners include Estonia's Ewert and the Two Dragons, Trad Attack! and Tommy Cash. Electro popsters from Britain London Grammar are coming. Irish singer songwriter Roisin Murphy and Brit award winner Tom Odell are among the many global talents to be performing at Sweet Spot.

Though the music is the main attraction there is much else going on. Art plays a big role at Sweet Spot and there will a number of installations some of which, like American artist Christian Michael Witternig's "Jupiter", are one off spectacles that can only be experienced at Sweet Spot. There will also be a number of talks and workshops featuring inspirational and cutting edge cultural experts to help you be your best at whatever you do.

Food, well, we all need it so it may as well be good. Sweet Spot has got you covered. Caffeine, the coffee folks with shops in Tallinn and beyond, will supply the java to keep you peppy. Korsten Armastus ja Hea Toit will handle the dining. Their renowned restaurant is located at the Kultuurikatel and their catering will bring all of their finest food to Sweet Spot. Expect delicious things like burgers, steaks and stuffed cabbage to go along with a fine selection of beers and wine.

A unique aspect of Sweet Spot is its cashless system. The wristband you receive with your ticket can be loaded with currency at Coca Cola Plaza in downtown Tallinn, at Korsten Armastus ja Hea Toit restaurant and at the festival where a small fee applies. The cashless wristband is the only way to purchase things at the festival.

The creative set in Tallinn has shown that the city's industrial past is useful for artistic venues. Sweet Spot is in the right place, near the Linnahall , Kultuurikatel and water. Cool breezes off the Baltic Sea, music, art and food will create the unique and relaxed atmosphere worthy of the beautiful summer we are having here.

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